Why work with our body?

Our body holds so much more than we realise. From the loving and joyful experiences that nourish us, to the effects of daily stress and pain, she bears it all.

The most extensive network in our body is our nervous system. Our nervous system is a crucial bearing on the understanding of our physical and mental health. As the main communication channel in the mind-body connection, our nervous system holds the key to our wellbeing. Endless exchange of information happens between our brain and body via the nervous system. It is the gateway for information absorption and decision making. It guides our behavioural and emotional responses.

For some of us, chronic stress, pain or trauma can disrupt the functioning of our nervous system at the fundamental level. The regions in our brain and body that are involved in threat detection and response (sympathetic nervous system) can get stuck in a particular loop. As a result, we replay the same responses in our mind and body – negative thoughts, helplessness, disconnection, overwhelming emotions and poor relationship interactions. We continue to repeat these patterns long after the threats are gone.

This 2 min video discusses the divisions of the nervous system.

Healing from stress or trauma involves helping your mind-body let go of those fixed patterns of cognitive and bodily responses. In body-based healing, the aim is to facilitate the body and mind back to a state of safety, calm and rest (parasympathetic nervous system).

We learn to change old habits and create new ones using our body. Those stiff and frozen muscles loosen and regain flexibility. As our postures change, a different emotion emerges. Gradually, we find ease and comfort in our breathing. The nervous system experiences a reset so that both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work together optimally.

As we reshape our mind-body connection, we find new ways to relate to ourselves and the people around us. Our body’s ability to tolerate difficult emotions and hold overwhelming sensations, signals early signs of healing and recovery. It signifies the beginning of a new possibility.