Body-based healing services


SOMAYOKE aims to facilitate a safe space for anyone curious to explore healing through an inner exploration of self and the mind-body connection. Tapping into your hidden fountain of strengths and gifts, we hold space for the experiences of grief, losses, pain and stress to transform. The invitation is open to you to co-create and shape an empowered future fuelled with vitality and possibilities.

I believe in working with a whole-human lens, recognising that our life moments are to be appreciated in the larger context of relationships, systems and environmental histories. Our experiences of joy and strengths, as fleeting as they may sometimes appear to us, deserve our full attention as we explore healing from our pain, grief and traumatic experiences.

I am honoured and delighted to offer 1-1 session with children, teens and adults with a body-based focus. I recognise that not everyone has easy access to individual therapy. The fees for the sessions are available on a sliding scale based on individual's capacity. The fees will start from SGD $100.


In each session, we explore a range of body-based and somatic tools that may support you to cultivate a sense of safety, internal resourcing, reconnection to self and others, body awareness and emotional wellness.

Some of the modalities we may explore together include trauma-sensitive yoga and movement, breathing techniques, touch therapy, mindfulness, guided imagery and visualisations, self-inquiry and journaling. The sessions may also include elements of talk therapy, psycho-education, therapeutic art, music and dance. You are welcome to read more about body-based healing and trauma-sensitive yoga here.

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Embodiment is about gaining, the capacity to feel the ambient physical sensations of unfettered energy and aliveness as they pulse through our bodies.

Through embodiment we gain a unique way to touch into our darkest primitive instincts; and in so doing to know ourselves as though for the first time — in a way that imparts vitality, flow, color, hue and creativity to our lives.

Peter Levine


The body-based healing sessions may be offered in Nature’s spaces. Ecotherapy is a nature-based modality that taps into the connection we share with the natural world and its impact on healing our health and mental health.

The 1-1 nature walk offers an opportunity to explore our relationship with the Natural world while processing issues that we want to bring to the session. More details on the nature walk below.