I offer half-day to 3 day workshops on the complexity and impact of childhood trauma on children, teens, and adults — drawing on research and frameworks in complex trauma, attachment theory, child development, neuroscience and physiology.

This workshop is ideal for teachers, school counsellors, student welfare officers, early childhood educators, professionals in the social service and mental health sector, and any other interested organisations.
Through discussions, somatic practices, and reflective exercises, participants understand ways in which childhood trauma can show up across various settings and suggestions to support children, teens and adults in managing, integrating and moving through trauma triggers.

I offer two hour to half-day mini workshops on trauma and the use of Yoga to support and complement trauma healing in a variety of settings e.g schools, mental health providers, universities or family service centres.

Additionally, if you are yoga instructors and/or yoga studio owners and you are keen to include principles of trauma-informed Yoga in your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification programmes, I'm happy to customise 2 to 3 hours workshops to support your programme. These workshops will dive into understanding the neurobiology of trauma, ways that trauma shows up on the yoga mat and practical considerations for yoga teachers to set up safe spaces for students.