LFTH Book party

My deepest thank you to all who showed up at the Book Party on 31 Aug 19!! Thank you for your presence, openness and commitment to create an authentic connection at the book party. Thank you all for holding space for me when my tears started their live stream just 15 mins into the sharing. I was told that the entire space vibrated with love. For me, I felt completely alive. The resounding laughter that I heard, the tears that I felt on my cheeks, the silence in between the spoken and the sharing of reflections revealed it all.

This event would not be possible without the #LFHangels (you know who you are) and Daniel Lim. Dan, thank you for making me feel so safe. Thank you for finishing my sentences in the exact ways that I wanted when I was simply too overwhelmed with my tangled thoughts and charging emotions. Thank you for making the conversations so light-hearted, so easy for laughter to ease us back to a state of calm and joy. Making it such a delightful event to be at.

Thank you, Kenji and LITO labs for capturing the essence of love that intoxicated us all.

Thank you, The Moon Bookstore and Cafe for your generous support and gorgeous space!